Tour about Smoke Factory and Sakiškės brewery beer tasting

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From July 2020, Sakiškės brewery invites you to sightseeing tours with tasting around the industrial heritage of Naujoji Vilnia around the Smoke Factory

Finally, we are happy to invite you to new spaces in the Smoke Factory!

As you know, the Smoke Factory and the Sakiškės brewery are located in the Naujoji Vilnia district, which is only 10 km away from the Old Town of Vilnius.

Naujoji Vilnia, locally known as Vileika, dates back to the first mention in historical sources in the 12th century, when the first castle was built here by the Duke of Alšia, although the first inhabitants developed here even earlier due to the attractive natural terrain and rivers. This is marked by the burial mounds here and the fossils found.

However, Naujoji Vilnia was most famous for the industry that started to develop here, one of the most famous investors of which was german Emil Possehl, whose ingenuity and skills made the current Smoke Factory the largest and most advanced scythe factory in the world at that time.

In addition to E. Possehl factory, there were other large factories here, and employees were invited from all over Europe, but more about it - during the tour.

The supporters and nurturers of ecological ideas are invited to come here by train. From the stop to the Smoke Factory 800 m on Dūmų Street, and the train journey from Vilnius station takes up to 12 minutes. Schedule can be found here. One-way ticket price - 0.60 €.

Car parking places are recommended for those traveling by car (in the photos). Come on a sidewalk along Dūmų st.

After a sightseeing tour of the former factory, 4 different styles of beer tasting await you.

Tours are underway on Wednesdays, the beginning 18:30.
The duration of the event is 1.5 hours.

You can also book a tasting tour for a group of 10 people or more by e-mail on an agreed day at your desired time. or Also follow Sakiškių beer and Smoke factory Facebook accounts, here we will publish the dates and time of the tours-tastings for everyone.