Privacy policy

What data do we collect?
After you have purchased the product in our e-shop, we and you enter into a purchase and sale agreement, the implementation of which requires information about you: name, surname, tel. no., e-mail and, if home delivery is chosen, the address. Your contacts are needed to keep you informed of the progress of the order and other questions related to the order. This personal information is only required for the conclusion and implementation of a specific contract.
If you choose to create an account while shopping with us, we keep a complete history of your purchases. This way, we speed up your future purchases because you no longer have to enter your personal data again.

What data do we not collect, store or transmit?
We do not collect or store your browsing history on third party websites. We do not pass on any data or purchase history related to your browsing on our website to any third parties.
What do we use the personal data we collect?
We use your personal data exclusively to facilitate your shopping and to make offers that are as relevant as possible. The data we analyze is depersonalized and cannot be linked to a specific person. Non-personalized data is used only in cases of return of goods, delivery of goods, payments.
How do we store and process personal data?
Our online store is created on the Shopify platform. All data is stored on Shopify servers, you can read about their security policy at: We collect and process personalized browsing data on the Google Analytics platform, the privacy policy of which you can read: We use the Luminor E-Commerce platform to accept payments, the privacy policy of which you can read:

Our website is protected by a security protocol based on a data encryption system certificate (SSL). The online address of such a store has the letter "s": "https: //".
Do we use cookies?
Cookies are small text files that are sent to your device while browsing a website. We ensure that cookies help identify only your device, not you. Both we and all online stores use cookies to make your visit to the website easier and more efficient. No cookies can link information to a specific person, i. e. they only collect depersonalized data. By using our store, you confirm that you agree to our cookie policy, but if you decide that you still do not like cookies, you can always delete them from your browser with a few clicks.